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Revenue generating features

Monetise your content with Glue's SVOD, TVOD and AVOD premium features. Viewers can access content by subscription or pay per view paywalls. Free access to content can still generate revenue with display, audio and video advertising.
Glue content entitlements module protects your media assets with flexible configuration for global content distribtuion with pricing, access rules and content rights management. Real-time and historical reports. Customer service dashboard.

Subscription paywall


Pay per view paywall


Display & video advertising

Content entitlements

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Performance and finance data

Premium Support

Monetisation support dashboard

Show me the money!


Subscription based content access. Flexible subscription rules supporting global and regional content pricing.


Pay per view content access. Flexible TVOD rules supporting pricing of content access by time period and location.


Integrate with the world most popular payment systems with support for global and local payment gateway providers.

Advertising to support freemium content access

1. Video advertising

Player and application support of VAST / VPAID advertising standards for video advertising with cue point and tag-based ad delivery providing targeting by content and user demographics. In-stream and dynamic server-side ad insertion workflow to play an ad before, during, or after video content.

2. Display advertising

Player and application support of display advertising standards with cue point and tag-based ad delivery providing targeting by content and user demographics. Interstitial and companion ad unit supporting video and audio content.

3. Promo & PSA

Promo content delivery for in-house advertising. This feature is perfect for cross-promotion of content and monetisation offers. Public service announcements are a popular feature with our Government broadcasters.

Grow revenue with audience building content entitlements that engage the individual viewer

Global broadcasting using content entitlements with geo-restrictions, geo-location-based pricing and packaging.

Configure subscription and pay per view pricing of live and on-demand content. Manage content pricing by location, currency, application, user type and more.


Monetise content with personalised content packages to engage and retain subscribers. Supports multi-level paywall access by application, channel, custom bundle, content, event and more.

Filtering & Targeting

Broadcast to a global audience or individual viewer with fine grained content entitlements. Personalise viewer experience and protect content rights with filtering and targeting.

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