Multi channel broadcasting.

Live streaming at scale.

On-demand catch-up.

Radio, music and podcasting.

Media distribution to any device.

All content to any device

Broadcasting at scale to any device. Glue features web and native player frameworks for cross-device content publishing. Dynamically scalable architecture to optimise cost of delivery whilst supporting audience growth.
Multi channel network management and distribution. Filter and target content with availability rules plus multi-tenancy and multi-application content syndication.
Dynamic scaling

Responsive scaling efficency

Live Streaming

Programmable live streaming


Audio and video streaming

Any device

Web and native apps


Multi-channel and app syndication

Filter & target

Content filtering and targeting

Hooray for big audiences!

Dynamically scalable

Glue supports audience growth with responsive infrastructure scaling and serverless applications.

Optimised cost of delivery

Real-time infrastructure sizing and serverless applications optimises media delivery costs.

High availability

High availability architecture ensures optimal performance even in times of high loads.

It takes all types of content to build an audience

1. Live content

Live television and radio broadcasting to any device. Large scale live event broadcasting supported with dynamic scaling.

2. Audio content

Music streaming, radio broadcasting and podcasting with live and on-demand publishing workflow.

3. Video content

If you’ve got the video content we’ve got you covered! Glue has optimised publishing workflows to support movies, documentaries, series, sport, news, education, music videos, promos, public service announcements and more.

4. Digital content

News publishing and online education content are supported with Glue content schemas. Media networks with television, radio and news brands can publish everything from Glue.

Media distribution & syndication for multi-channel media networks.

Streamlined media publishing for large media networks and government broadcasters distributing television, radio and news content from Glue's single system architecture.
Many brands one system

Multi-channel media networks and government broadcasting services are supported with Glue's multi-tenancy system. Distribution of news, television and radio from a single publishing system.

Global content distribution

Content filtering and geo-targeting optimises audience engagement and provides content protection for multi-region broadcasting and publishing.


Reach a larger audience with content syndication to popular social media platforms and partner applications.

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