Automated content processing.

Real-time quality assurance.

Asset encoding and transcoding.

External feed ingest.

Glue Ingest Manager.

Intelligent content processing

Glue ingest manager transfers content from a local file, cloud, or external feed source. Upload and process content with automated publishing workflow. Monitor content processing with a real-time quality assurance system. Fast and scalable transcoding and digital rights management for live and on-demand content.
Audio and video assets are processed with metadata mapping, naming convention, monetisation, and security entitlements resulting in intelligent automated content publishing.
Automated ingest

Intelligent content processing

Quality assurance

Real-time ingest monitoring


Video and audio encoding

AI Metadata

AI Metadata content tagging

Feed ingest

External content feed ingest

Content protection

Digital rights management

Integrated ingest workflow

Local or cloud install

Glue ingest manager runs on local or cloud origin to integrate with your broadcast production and asset management.

Configuration control

Processing and publishing automation control and real-time quality assurance tools.

Third-party integration

Integrate with content providers, partner services, and DRM providers.

Fast encoding of all video and audio formats

1. Video encoding

Multi-codec streaming is necessary to support video playback on any device. Glue ingest manager encodes, transcodes and packages video with the latest codecs including AV1, VP9, H.264, HEVC, VVC, MKV, WebM, MPEG-DASH and HLS.

2. Audio encoding

Glue ingest manager ensures your audio stream will utilise the best audio codec for playback on any device. Glue encodes multi-bitrate audio with codecs including AAC, HE-AAC v1, HE-AAC v2, AC3, E-AC3, MP2, MP3, Vorbis, Opus.

3. Streaming performance

Our video and audio encoding workflows have industry-leading 100x processing speed and 30% better streaming performance. We achieve the same quality video at a lower bitrate which improves streaming performance and reduces the cost of delivery.

Optimise the streaming experience with fine-grained control of content processing and publishing.

Achieve a low latency & high-quality viewing experience for your audience with ingest and encoding configurations tailored for each content type and device.
Watchfolder & filename

Intelligent content processing and publishing is achieved by automation of workflow based on a simple watchfolder and filename convention you can configure.

Metadata mapping

Improve publishing efficiency and content discovery with metadata mapping. Supporting all metadata formats, hierarchical content, relational structure and auto-attachment of metadata and assets.

Feed ingest

Ingest third party content feeds or pre-encoded content from your legacy systems. EPG ingest for scheduled content.

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