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Matt Jones

OVO / SourseAI


OVO Play


“The team at Boom Labs have an open transparent approach to working with Ovo ensuring we began the implementation of our first OTT service in experienced hands. They embraced our strategy of content for the fans by designing and implementing an easy to use and scalable media publishing workflow that supported live and on-demand sports viewing experiences for local to global fans.

Our broad media content strategy provided a technical challenge with a vast range of content entitlement rules being required to manage, protect and monetise our media assets for local and international audiences. Boom Labs consulting team supported us with the configuration of the Glue Media Publishing System with highly flexible SVOD, TVOD and AVOD content entitlements.

The Ovo content strategy required the ingest and publishing of radio, podcast, sport, news and entertainment media. Glue automated the process of end-to-end publishing with tailored workflows for each content type. The content schemas in Glue were easily customised for the unique metadata requirements of our various sporting categories and live events.

Geo-filtering and scheduling of broadcasts were vitally important in protecting our content rights for global streaming events. Glue has an intuitive availability rules engine that we utilised for this purpose which provided a secure content distribution platform.

Our customer service department was provided access to a real-time monitoring dashboard that supported us with audience metrics and live feed of customer transactions and content access rights for the successful support of live streaming events.

I would highly recommend Glue and the team at Boom Labs for their focus on the customer’s success that is backed by their creative approach and technical expertise.”

Matt Jones
OVO / SourseAI

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