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Datuk Nasir Baki

Managing Director


RTM MyKlik & RTBGo


“IPSB has been working with Boomlabs for over 5 years with multiple projects- RTBGo and RTM MyKlik. Glue MPS is a user-friendly and easy to use platform for the non-technical person. Boomlabs technology also complimented our OTT and Digital Media solutions with timely and efficient support. Any issues that arose were met and promptly tackled to ensure a smooth overall experience. This partnership allowed us to accelerate digital transformation and foolproof project deliverables.

Overall, our dynamic collaboration with Boomlabs allowed us to think out of the box when delivering customer’s requirements. IPSB Technology is able to craft boutique solutions according to customer’s needs unlike any other”

Datuk Nasir Baki
Managing Director
IPSB Technology

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