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Boom Labs are the developers of ‘Glue Media Publishing System’ a technology based on decades of experience delivering very high traffic OTT solutions and high profile live streaming events such as the FIFA World Cup, the Commonwealth Games, and the Olympics to an international audience.
Boom Labs award winning design & technology team have delivered some of the worlds most popular streaming services to millions of users, implementing both on-premise and cloud-based encoding and media publishing workflows.

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App design

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Media streaming applications


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Simplexity - complex systems with a simple interface.

Simplifying complex media publishing workflow requires a combination of creativity, design excellence and real-world technical expertise. Boom Labs award-winning team is responsible for the creation of popular media applications powered by GlueMPS achieving several million subscribers. Working with large volumes of content and very high traffic gives Boom Labs a unique experience for both leading-edge user interface design and high-performance technology.

Boom Labs co-founders:
Christian Budden and Adam Reed

Our process

We make media publishing easier and more profitable for our clients.
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    Our solution architects start with three objectives. To make your requirements scalable, profitable and easy to use. We are designers and technologists. We make technology work for you by automating processes & constantly improving user experience.

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    Success has many fathers. Glue integrates with your legacy systems and partners with some of the worlds leading technology providers to deliver very high traffic media services including infrastructure, security and a seamless publishing workflow.

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    We are the result of our hard work. Our passion for what we do makes us pioneers in our sector. Boom Labs doesn’t stop at making GlueMPS. Our team has decades of experience designing, developing and implementing very high traffic sites & applications.


Boom Labs solution architects can configure GlueMPS to streamline your workflow by automating repetitive tasks. GlueMPS can automatically ingest, manage, distribute and monetise your media content with publishing and entitlement rules to suit regional and global audiences.

Our team can integrate GlueMPS with existing multi-channel networks to automate the aggregation and syndication of content. Automation publishes your content faster, reduces human error and increases profitability.

Boom Labs are the trusted professional services team to deliver very high traffic audio and video applications.

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